Tents & Canopies Rental

Are you looking for party tent and canopy Rentals?

We can’t control the weather, but you can make sure there’s no rain on your event or on sunny hot days you have the right cover to protect you and your guests from the unpleasant weather.

Whether you are having a backyard barbecue, an elegant home or off site wedding, a fun high school fair, a church picnic, a large formal corporate event Palace Party Tent Rental can accommodate your Tent and Canopy rental needs.

For impact and versatility there is nothing like a tent or canopy! Palace Party Rentals has extensive experience in the rental and installation of tents and canopy for every type of private corporate and fundraiser event. We are known for our ability to handle challenging installations with complicated logistical layouts.

At Palace Party Rentals, we specialize in giving shape to your imagination’s most exciting event dreams. Our capabilities and experience in tents and canopes, enable us to exceed your expectations and make your event bigger and brighter.

Our specially-trained consultants can provide a free survey and advise you on space requirements for the tent and canopy of your choice.

We have tents and canopies available for rent in a variety of sizes and colors, depending on the event you are hosting and the amount of people you are expecting.

With Palace Party Rental’s support and unparalleled interior design and event rental capabilities, you can trust that your next event with us will be taken to a whole new level.

From Tent Top to Tabletop. We have a team of tent designers, professional in-house installers to help you setup your next party anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.

At Palace Party Tent and Canopy rental, our experienced party planning specialists can help you determine what size and style tent would work best for your event.

Frame Canopies
Canopy Tent Sample
Frame canopies are free span with no center poles. They can be based or staked to secure.

Size’s Available:
l0′ x l0′ , 15′ x 15′ , 20′ x 20′ , 30′ x 30′ , 40′ x 40′, 50′ x 50′
10′ x Expandable 10’x l5′, l0’x 20′, 10’x 25′, 10’x 30′ to 10’x l00′
15′ x Expandable 15’x 20′, 15’x 25′, 15’x 30′, 15’x 35′ to 15’x l00′
20′ x Expandable 20’x 25′, 20’x 30′, 20’x 35′, 20’x 40′ to 20’x l00′
30′ x Expandable 30’x 40′, 30’x 50′, 30’x 60′, 30’x 70′ to 30’x 100′
40′ x Expandable 40’x 5O’, 40’x 60′, 40’x 70′, 40’x 80′ to 40’x 100′
50′ x Expandable 50’x 5O’, 50’x 60′, 50’x 70′, 50’x 80′ to 50’x 120′
(All Certified Flame Retardant)