Flatware Rental

The right silverware and/or flatware can make an amazing difference to the overall appearance of your party’s place settings. A sophisticated event looks more formal with the right silverware, and an informal gathering can look more elegant with high-class silverware or flatware. Check out our stylish silver-plated By Oneida, Vanessa, Shell Pattern, stainless steel, and serving utensils. In addition, pair your silverware/flatware with our excellent selection of glassware and china, or build your online quote to meet all of your event needs!


Marquette Series Stainless Steel  Flatware
Marquette Stainless Steel  Dinner Knife, Dessert, Salad & Dinner Forks, Teaspoon & Table Spoon ($0.55 each piece)
Argento Gold Luster Stainless Flatware
 Gorham-Argento-5-Piece-Flatware-Set-831791 (1)Argento Gold Luster Stainless Dinner Knife, Dessert, Salad & Dinner Forks, Teaspoon & Table Spoon ($1.20 each piece)
Oneida Becket Silverplate Flatware
Bread/Butter & Dinner  Knife, Dessert, Salad & Dinner Forks,  Teaspoon & Table Spoon ($0.69 each piece)
Oneida Duke Silverplate Flatware





Bread/Butter & Dinner Knife, Dessert, Salad & Dinner Forks,  Teaspoon & Table Spoon ($0.65 each piece)